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The Last Mountain Boys are a Southern Gospel Trio that come from the heart of Saskatchewan. Fifty miles north of Regina, the Strasbourg area boasts of it's beautiful grasslands, farmland, the Last Mountain hills, and it's beautiful Last Mountain Lake.

The Last Mountain Boys have sung at various locations within the prairie provinces and have had the privilege of singing three times at the Canadian National Quartet Convention in Red Deer, Alberta. Our goal is to share the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through the ministry of music and testimony. However, we also enjoy meeting the many wonderful people we come in contact with, and enjoying some great hospitality.

Be sure to check out all areas of our site. You can see when all our upcoming concerts are, learn all about us in the History and Biography sections, keep up on the latest news, and even check out some photos of us in action! Take a peek in the Music section to see what CDs we have released, and even hear samples of some of our songs.

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